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1967 Vietnam Huey Losses

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31 DEC 67

WO1 Thomas E. Adams [AC]
WO1 William C. Cheney [CP]
PFC William D. Holland [CE]
C injured

Kontum Province

498 MED
At 4600' MSL the A/C made a left turn and crashed into trees on the hill top. Weather was a factor with strong winds at 40 knots, turbulence and low lying clouds.

29 DEC 67

WO1 Ronnie H. Beals [AC]
WO1 Larry R. Doyle [CP]
PFC Lupe P. Lopez [G]
CPL Clifton Henson [G]

Quang Nam Province

C/2/20 ARA
A/C was on a combat mission to provide close air support when it was hit by SA fire and crashed into the Ky Lam River, 7km SSW of Dien Ban.

27 DEC 67

WO1 Howard D. Anderson [AC]
WO1 Mark V. Schmidt [CP]
SP5 Roger L. Henson [CE]
SP4 John P. Barsch [G]

Hau Nghia Province

D/3/4 CAV
M/R severed by M-79 round on gunship at Cu Chi at 50'.

26 DEC 67

CW2 Joseph T. Clark [AC]
WO1 Robert E. Woods [CP]
SP4 Gerald L. Rowen II [CE]
SP4 Raymond S. Adams [G]

Bien Hoa Province

334 AHC
A/C was on a Firefly mission out of Bien Hoa when lost engine with no audio warning, crashed in cemetary and exploded on impact.

21 DEC 67

SP4 Les H. Paschall [OB]

Kontum Province

281 AHC
A/C was hit by UH-1C #66-00697 as it hovered between this aircraft and UH-1D #65-10039.

20 DEC 67

WO1 Jeremiah D. McGarry [P]
PFC David Antol [CE]
LTC Glen D. Belnap
SGM Herbert Roberts Jr
3 crewmembers injured

Kontum Province

189 AHC
At 120 ft hover with LZ cutting equipment being lowered by rope, the tail rotor struck a tree. A/C crashed and burned.

19 DEC 67

WO1 Larry A. Harke [P]
WO1 John F. Holz [P]
SP4 Robert D. Kline [CE]
SP4 Anthony V. Campaniello [G]
SFC Walter O. Brown Jr
PFC Charles Carpenter
SFC Leroy Everett
PFC Eugene Miley
CPL Steven N. Radu
PFC Jimmy L. Woolfolk

Binh Duong Province

162 AHC
A/C was engaged in training exercises for newly arrived 101 ABN troops at Phouc Vinh. During takeoff with 6 troops at approx 200', the engine failed and pilot attempted to extend glide past a stand of rubber trees but the A/C came down hard, bounced updside down and exploded.

16 DEC 67

WO1 Thomas R. King [P]
PFC James C. Groover
PFC Fathies Kelly Jr
7 injured

Kontum Province

170 AHC
Short shaft failure at Firebase 6, 5 west of Dak To.

15 DEC 67

SP4 Oscar Aguayo Jr [CE]
PFC James L. Reichelt [G]
AC & P injured

Tay Ninh Province

B/3/17 CAV
A/C was shot down near Bo Tuc while supporting ARVN troops.

14 DEC 67

1LT Haron L. Brown II [AC]
WO1 William K. Clawson [CP]
SP5 Matthew P. Amaral [CE]
SP4 Ronny K. Kindred [G]

Binh Thuan Province

240 AHC
A/C had a transmission failure while supporting operation Claymoth Falls in Boa Loc Pass. A/C crashed and burned.

13 DEC 67

CW2 Richard D. Jenks [P]
WO1 William H. Borchart* [P]
SP4 Robert D. Berta [CE]
SP4 James G. Whaley [G]
MAJ Thomas W. Cotton
CPT Grady I. Carriker Jr
1 injured

Quang Tin Province

176 AHC
While in flight, the tail rotor failed. The A/C nosed over, spun, crashed, and burned. *Borchart died 9 days later.

07 DEC 67

WO1 Charles C. Wilcox [AC]

Binh Duong Province

190 AHC
Gun shot to the head while inserting ARVN soldiers into a hot LZ near Phu Loi.

07 DEC 67

WO1 Thomas C. J. Hubard [AC]
MAJ William H. Goodspeed [CP]
SP4 Jesse A. Gordy [CE]
SP4 Richard E. Pratt [G]

Khanh Hoa Province

92 AHC
While on a gun run, the aircraft flew too low to the ground, flew into a tree and exploded.

04 DEC 67

1LT William T. Allen [CP]
SP5 Wolfgang T. O. Mohl [CE]
SP4 Clyde M. Lee [G]
SP4 Thomas P. Ciecura [C]
AC injured

Kontum Province

A/C shot down while on a "people sniffer" mission SSW of Hill 875 near the Cambodian border.

02 DEC 67

CW3 Wallace W. Leeper [AC]
CW3 Floyd W. Strange [CP]
SSG Manuel J. Moreida [CE]
SSG Richard A. Crosby [G]
CPT Woo Shik Pak (ROK)

Phu Yen Province

48 AHC
A/C was on a mission that departed Phu Hiep airfield to return a Korean company commander, CPT Woo Shik Pak, back to his troops at Ninh Hoa. It was a night mission and there were heavy monsoon rains. A/C did not make it back and a search was launched, but they were not found. In 1993 the crash site was found on the ocean side of the Vung Ro mountain.

02 DEC 67

WO1 Russell Moldenhauer [P]

An Xugen Province

336 AHC
Hit in head by a single round while offloading ARVN troops in an LZ near Ca Mau.

30 NOV 67

MAJ Stephen R. Porcella [P]
1LT Griffith B. Bedworth [P]
SSG Kenneth D. McKee [CE]
1 injured (POW)

Quang Tin Province

A/C departed Chu Lai enroute to LZ Two Bits and crew attempted to maintain visual flight but were hampered by deteriorating weather and the A/C collided with a mountaintop.

29 NOV 67

CPL Donald L. Hettich [CE]
4 injured

Binh Dinh Province

A/1/9 CAV
A/C departed LZ on an armed recon mission with max gross weight and 5 POB. During takeoff, A/C lost RPM and continued with mission. Flying through ravine, gunner spotted enemy soldier and A/C lost RPM. Due to tall tree, pilot turned left to engage the target at low airspeed. Losing RPM, A/C landed on the side of a ravine and slid 10' then tipped over on its left side into a small stream.

29 NOV 67

WO1 Gerald L. Latini [P]
WO1 Daniel S. Steele [P]
PFC Clarence J. Tiffany [CE]
PFC Steven F. Freeman [G]

Quang Tin Province

161 AHC
A/C was called out for a mission, but soon lost radio contact after taking off from Pelican Roost. Pilots lost control in low clouds during a night flare mission. Days later the main cabin section washed on the beach, a short distance south of Chu Lai.

28 NOV 67

SGT Sam Tenorio [G]
2 injured

Binh Duong Province

B/2/20 ARA
A/C was shot down and after it hit exploded into flames.

23 NOV 67

SP4 John C. Hughes [G]
1 injured

Dinh Tuong Province

128 AHC
On approach to a PZ, a steep flare was made causing the tail rotor to hit the ground. The A/C pitched forward and hit a dike. The tail boom broke off, the A/C rolled onto its left side, and immediately burst into flames.

19 NOV 67

CW3 Curtis W. Hutto [AC]
WO1 Michael J. Utter [CP]
SP4 Jeffrey A. Hawk [CE]
LTJG William H. Murphy III [OB] (USN)

Binh Dinh Province

A/1/9 CAV
A/C was on a two ship mission came across a body of enemy troops in the open and began firing on them. During these attacks, the A/C simply disappeared in the jungle-covered slopes. Hutto died while being extracted from crash site and Utter died 2 days later of injuries.

19 NOV 67

WO1 Terry R. Clark [AC]
CE injured

Binh Dinh Province

C/1/9 CAV
The A/C was at low level flight going to refueling when the engine failed. An autorotation was made to a cane field. The M/R contacted bamboo and the A/C landed hard. The engine failed due to improper assembly.

18 NOV 67

1LT Richard C. Allen [P]

Binh Duong Province

116 AHC
Killed by gunshot while on first lift of Operation Atlanta.

14 NOV 67

WO1 Frank A. Murrietta [AC]
SP5 Paul E. Johnson [CE]
PFC Russell F. McLaughlin [G]
CPT Michael A. Casp [OB]
LTC Robert G. Kimmel
1LT Randall D. Shaffer
MAJ Gerard M. Wynn

Quang Nam Province

C/227 AVN
M/R shot off at 1500 ft by AAA while serving as C&C ship, hit ground and exploded.

13 NOV 67

WO1 Larus W. Roland [P]
PFC Lawrence A. Letterman
3 injured

Kontum Province

170 AHC
A/C hit by B-40 rocket while in LZ southwest of Dak To.

13 NOV 67

SP4 James P. Cryster III [G]
2LT Glenn Eisenhour
SSG Raymond Garth
PFC Lawrence A. Letterman
PFC Dennis E. Warne

Quang Tin Province

B/1/9 CAV
A/C was hit by ground fire and made a forced landing in the middle of a dry rice paddy. VC fired on acft and it exploded.

10 NOV 67

WO1 Raymond H. Chase Jr [P]
WO1 Raleigh L. Hewitt II [P]

Kontum Province

119 AHC
Gunship escorting slicks when 23mm opened up. A/C rolled in with 36 rockets. 23mm hit tailboom causing it to separate, spun three times and slammed into the ground. There was an immediate large explosion and fire.

08 NOV 67

SGT William A. Whitney [CE]


190 AHC
The A/C was on a two ship extraction mission when on short final to a mountainside LZ, was struck with RPG round in the mast and rolled down the mountain. All 4 crewmembers surived the crash but were injured. One pilot searched the area and found CE sitting in the open with his M60 in his lap but without any ammo. Pilot gave him ammo and continued searching for the others. Upon returning to CE's position, he found him dead of wounds received.

08 NOV 67

SP5 John R. Adams [CE]
3 crewmembers rescued


189 AVN
A/C was flying cover on a SF insertion mission west of Dak Tho. While circling inserted troops, A/C began to lose power and attempted to land. Failing to find a suitable LZ, pilot allowed A/C to settle tail first into trees. As A/C struck trees, the tail boom snapped off, spun and came to rest on an upslope, caving in the front of the aircraft.

05 NOV 67

SGT Ralph L. Ford [CE]

Quang Ngai Province

190 AHC
No details.

03 NOV 67

1LT James E. Pavlicek Jr [P]
WO1 David E. Thomas [P]
SP4 James E. Anderson [CE]
SP4 Randall W. Ernsberger [G]

Darlac Province

A/C crashed into the ground during a night gun run while under heavy fire.

29 OCT 67

1LT Thomas J. Chiminello [AC]
WO1 Forrest D. Rains Jr [CP]
SP5 Lawrence Lano [CE]
SP5 Herbert C. Donaldson Jr [MD]

Tay Ninh Province

A/C launched on night MEDEVAC mission in marginal weather with scattered thunderstorms, low ceilings, low visibility, and turbulence. While enroute to pick-up point, the A/C crashed near Nui Ba Den.

26 OCT 67

WO1 Samuel L. Hunt [AC]
WO1 Russel D. Bentson [CP]
SP4 Gerald H. Slingerland [CE]
SP4 David S. Griffin [G]

Dinh Tuong Province

114 AHC
The blade retention nut on the M/R cracked and failed causing the A/C to crash in a rice paddy and burn.

22 OCT 67

WO1 Patrick J. Sughrue [AC]
WO1 Lawrence J. Stark [CP]
SP4 Thomas L. Griffee [CE]
SP4 Robert L. Eickholt [G]

Pleiku Province

170 AHC
Tail rotor in trees and crashed near Pleiku.

19 OCT 67

WO1 Dennis G. Blackmon [P]
9 injured

Quang Ngai Province

174 AHC
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
Engine failure-hit rice paddy berm and rolled avoiding village with kids 5 miles W of Duc Pho AAF.

13 OCT 67

MAJ Charles M. Houser [P]

Binh Duong Province

B/25 AVN
Killed by SA fire while on approach end of runway 22 at Cu Chi. The bullet entered the A/C through the window of right door and struck his body between the kevlar panels.

13 OCT 67

MAJ Boyd E. Morrow [P]
SGT Jimmie W. Green [CE]

Binh Duong Province

188 AHC
A/C was performing a test flight due to an engine repair. A/C was estimated to have been in autorotation and struck the ground in an upright manner at high speed. Blades struck the ground and dug into a rice paddy causing dislodging of the xmsn and a portion of the rotor blade to land left and forward of the wreckage. A/C struck ground with the right side down, began to fly apart, roll and caught fire coming to rest inverted approx 140-160m from point of initial contact. Crash occurred at Dau Tang near the Rubber Plantation.

11 OCT 67

CPT Ellis M. Bailey [P]

Gia Dinh Province

187 AHC
While the A/C was on an approach to a river boat, it crashed into the river.

06 OCT 67

CPT Robert G. Burlingham [AC]
WO1 Robert G. Porea [CP]
PFC Lewis A. Trask [CE]
PFC Joseph L. Hoggatt [MD]

Binh Duong Province

45 MED
Witnesses reported that A/C performed a normal take off and climb then descended, crashed into trees and burned.

05 OCT 67

WO1 Ralph E. Bowen [P]
WO1 Donald R. Phipps [P]
PFC Stanley R. Uding [CE]
CPL Gary L. Holz* [G]

Binh Thuan Province

227 CAB
A/C was in formation on final approach. At approx 100' altitude, A/C pitched up to 90 degrees nose high attitude, rolled right, inverted, crashed and burned in troop area. A/C threw a trunion bearing on M/R pitch control. *Gunner died 08OCT67 of injuries received.

04 OCT 67

1LT Lawrence Gallego [AC]
1LT David B. Wainwright [CP]
SP5 Willie F. Green [CE]
SP4 Ronald A. Martin [G]
SP5 Roland A. Nielsen [MD]

Phu Yen Province

The A/C struck the ground and burst into flames. There were low ceilings and rain showers at the time.

29 SEP 67

SP4 Robert D. Anderson [CE]
2 injured

Quang Tin Province

161 AHC
A/C was engaged in a CA west of Tam Ky in protection of two downed aircraft. As the A/C was terminating its approach, it was subjected to large caliber enemy AW fire. As the troops departed, one was seriously wounded and CE ran to the fallen soldier along with 2 other infantrymen and placed the wounded man aboard the A/C. While CE was returning to his seat, he was hit by AW fire which mortally wounded him.

25 SEP 67

SFC William E. Craft Jr [C]
CPL Richard D. Henrey [G]
1 injured


1/9 CAV
A/C crashed into water while on a recon mission due to engine failure.

22 SEP 67

SP4 Ramiro Herrera Jr [MD]

Binh Duong Province

45 MED
No details.

22 SEP 67

WO1 James T. Donahue Jr [P]

Hau Nghia Province

188 AHC
Fatally wounded in neck during Eagle Flight insertion into a village in III Corps. No. 2 ship in flight of five.

20 SEP 67

CPT Billie T. Presson [P]

Binh Duong Province

187 AHC
Flight lead, single shot through the head in III Corp.

17 SEP 67

WO1 Robert N. Dechene [P]

Binh Dinh Province

D/229 AHB
During a CA, guns jammed and A/C landed on Hwy 19 about 20km W of An Khe near armed Check Point 102 in an effort to clear weapons to help support the hot LZ. A/C took fire, fatally wounding pilot and AC took off leaving CE & G on ground. Other acft maintained support fire while 2 ground pounders drove up in a jeep and rescued the stranded crew.

16 SEP 67

1LT Conrad A. Stybel [AC]
WO1 James M. Colito Jr [CP]
SGT Lawrence J. Wood [G]
CE injured

Binh Dinh Province

B/227 AVN
A/C crashed near LZ Dog due to short shaft failure, crashed in trees near Bong Son and burned.

12 SEP 67

SP4 James A. Morrison [CE]
SP4 Efrain J. Robledo [G]
SP4 Robert Garcia* [CE]

Quang Tin Province

71 AHC
A/C was inserting troops of the 2-502 INF and landed in a mined LZ. A mine disabled Morrison and Robledo's acft. Garcia, who was on a rescue acft was helping Morrison and Robledo when a mine was set off. *Garca died 2 days later of injuries received.

08 SEP 67

WO1 Roger C. Rose [P]
CPT Kurt L. Kuhns [P]
SP4 Larry G. Lance [CE]
SGT Francis E. Glazebrook Jr [G]
SP4 Dalton T. Goff [MD]


15 MED
A/C was on a night Medevac and suspected that acft experienced engine failure causing the acft to hit a tree and crash.

06 SEP 67

CPT Winston T. Robinson [P]
SP4 Paul L. Clark [CE]
SP4 J.D. Singleton
SP4 James V. Hembree
1LT Pryor L. Wheat

Quang Ngai Province

C/2/20 ARA
A/C was on a rocket run and entered a flat descending spiral to the right and crashed in trees and exploded T/R and drive shaft assy separated from acft in flight.

03 SEP 67

WO1 Ricky P. Mattern [AC]
1LT James L. Ante [CP]
SP4 Ray A. Schold [CE]
SP4 David Carroll [G]
WO1 Lewis C. Gilder [PP]
SP4 William C. Rouse
SP4 William L. Lockhart

Hau Nghia Province

118 AHC
A/C was on a night flight and cargo door came loose, flew up into rotor blades causing mast bumping. The tail boom and M/R blades separated from the A/C and it crashed and burned.

02 SEP 67

WO1 James G. Bosley [P]
WO1 James L. Daniel [P]
LTC Gail F. Wilson
3 injured

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
C/S: GATOR 373
A/C crashed while descending from a low cloud cover following inadvertant IFR entry. There was low ceilings and ground fog at the time at Jackson Hole.

30 AUG 67

CPL Alfred J. Smith [G]

Binh Duong Province

188 AHC
A/C received 43 hits while offloading ammo and collecting WIAs from two points in LZ.

29 AUG 67

1LT David C. Hall [AC]
1LT Sharel E. Bales [CP]
SP4 Peter S. Martinez [CE]
SP4 Joseph L. Whitaker Jr [G]
SGT Louis C. Muser II
2 other PAX killed

Long Khanh Province

191 AHC
A/C entered a cloud bank while attempting to return to home station resulting in crash.

25 AUG 67

WO1 Robert L. Scott [P]

Quang Tin Province

176 AHC
RPG round to door post.

24 AUG 67

SFC Richard M. Allard [CE]
SSG Ronald L. Holtzman [G]
2LT Kenneth B. Goff
2LT Richard J. Schell
1LT Sterling A. Wall

Pleiku Province

119 AHC
A/C was on a combat support liaison mission flying low-level along the Dak Bla River. While attempting a 180 degree turn, the A/C failed to recover and was caught in a severe downdraft and crashed into the Krong Bo Lah River in about 10 feet of water at a point where the current was swift and the water was deep.

20 AUG 67

SP5 Richard G. Thibault [CE]
4 injured


611 TC
On a combat support mission when it crashed and burned. Severe vibrations resulted in limited loss of control caused by material failure of unknown origin.

18 AUG 67

SP4 Leo Porter [CE]
Others injured


A/C was departing on an ammo resupply mission and was RTB due to mechanical problems when it crashed into a mountainside.

11 AUG 67

SGT Henry B. Grammer [CE]
PFC Clyde G. Gentle
PFC Albert Moore Jr
SP4 Randall L. McIntosh
SGT Ronnie M. Snider


D/1/4 CAV
A/C sank in the Song Dong Nai River after the M/R struck the water while trying stop a sampan from crossing the river. It was later determined to be loss of T/R.

09 AUG 67

WO1 Francis A. Rochkes [AC]
CPT Robert A. Thompson [CP]
SP4 Ray E. Moran Jr [CE]
1LT Honorio M. Fidel Jr [OB]

Quang Ngai Province

C/1/9 CAV
A/C shot down at LZ Pat.

09 AUG 67

MAJ Charles R. Latta [P]
1LT George F. Sodaitis [P]
SP4 Gary R. Kooman [CE]
SP4 Gerald L. Hopper [G]
PVT William J. McRae
CIV Jerry Degnan

Gia Dinh Province

175 AHC
Mid-air with Air Force RF-101 near Saigon. The jet was being vectored to a GCA final at Tan Son Nhut AB, colliding with the left top side of the UH-1D. The collision disintegrated the M/R system and tore off the tail pylon. The A/C fell in a SW direction, nosing down and over, losing pieces of the air frame and other material stowed in the cabin section. The AC and G of the A/C were either thrown or jumped clear of the A/C before impact. The A/C struck the ground in a nose down inverted attitude completely demolishing the A/C.

08 AUG 67

SP4 Charles A. Jones [G]


162 AHC
The gunner departed the A/C on the left side and walked into the tail rotor while getting ready for a 25-ship CA with 1 ID.

07 AUG 67

WO1 John P. Marlow [P]

Binh Duong Province

68 AHC
Killed by small arms fire on a Medevac mission south of Phu Loc.

06 AUG 67

WO1 Daryl L. Miller [P]
PFC Michael A. Goffredo [CE]
PFC John C. Soper [G]

Pleiku Province

281 AHC
A/C was on an extraction mission of a recon team. A/C lost power while hovering over pick up point and crashed on hill. Crew escaped wreckage before exploding in flames. During rescue by USAF CH-53, crew was on hoist when evasive manuevers caused cable to sever.

03 AUG 67

1LT Howard J. Schnabolk [P]
SP5 Dwight D. Woolf [CE]
SP4 Thomas L. Meidam
5 injured

Binh Dinh Province

498 MED
A/C was climbing up the windward side of a mountain. As the crest of the mountain was reached, a loud noise was heard with a loss of power. An attempt was made for landing in a rice paddy. As pitch was pulled, rotor RPM was lost. The tail struck a dike, the ship nosed over and struck on the left front and burned. Power loss was caused by failure in the combustion chamber N-1 power turbine wheel.

01 AUG 67

1LT Paul S. Colvin [AC]
ENS James F. Burke Jr [CP] (USN)
SP4 Ernst Riley [CE]
CPT Gustave F. Gudleske
G injured

Vinh Long Province

114 AHC
A/C was C&C ship on a night "firefly" mission, conducting armed recon with two gunships. While RTB, they encountered a violent thunderstorm just short of the Vinh Long runway, lost control, and crashed.

31 JUL 67

1LT James R. Poggemeyer [P]
1LT Robert M. Wallace [P]
SP4 Wayne G. Van Lant [CE]
PFC Douglas R. Noel [G]

Phu Yen Province

188 AHC
#66-00707 & #66-00710
Mid-air while on a night recon mission SW of Phu Hiep. At approx 2345 hours aircraft lost contact with each other and collided, crashed and burned.

CW2 Henry C. Cauthen Sr [AC]
WO1 Rodney O. Davie [AC]
SP5 Joseph W.B. Allwood [CE]
SP4 Paul E. Williams [G]

31 JUL 67

WO1 Arnold O. Nakkerud [AC]
WO1 Glen E. Shropshire [CP]
SP4 Donald W. Hart [G]
1 injured

Pleiku Province

189 AHC
The CE stated that the A/C inadvertently went IFR during low level flight and struck a tree in a descending left turn attempting to return to VFR.

19 JUL 67

SP5 William D. Biever [CE]
SP4 Lawrence G. Stapleton* [C]
3 injured

Kontum Province

A/C was flying a 'people sniffer' mission when it was shot down by heavy SA fire flying at 60' AGL and 40 KIAS. The aircraft was in flames before crashing into heavy jungle and rolled onto the CE's side, pinning Biever down. *Stapleton died on 04AUG67 of injuries in crash.

11 JUL 67

WO1 Martin J. Coronis [P]
1LT Robert K. Dwyer [P]
MAJ Dave R. Kingsbury

Kontum Province

B/227 AHB
A/C was flying C&C around the Kontum area when it lost its engine. The A/C was destroyed on impact in mountainous terrain.

09 JUL 67

SP4 William E. Strobel [CE]
7 injured


C/1/9 CAV
AC reported having engine trouble and started a forced landing. Because RPM was low, the A/C hit the ground hard and rolled on its right side. Suspect the cause of this accident was engine failure.

07 JUL 67

CPT Thomas A. Derosier [P]
MAJ Charles E. Sauer [P]
CPL Ivra A. Tatum [CE]
PFC Paul J. Simon [G]

Binh Long Province

187 AHC
A/C went missing and was found in the vicinity of Minh Thanh. It had crashed and burned beyond recognition.

05 JUL 67

WO1 Robert T. McDaniel [P]
PFC James R. Isbell
PFC James E. Matthews
13 injured

Quang Tin Province

71 AHC
A/C was picking up a LRRP team on a pinnacle PZ and lost RPM and lift crashing into an artillery position at the bottom of the hill. Exploding ammunition and fire destroyed the A/C. Density altitude was a contributing factor.

23 JUN 67

WO1 Michael G. Harvey [P]

Quang Ngai Province

176 AVN
Died of gunshot injuries to leg and stomach.

21 JUN 67

WO1 Gerald D. Boyd [AC]
1LT Thomas E. Campbell [CP]
SP4 Dean D. Crane [CE]
SSG Howard A. Sessoms [G]

Binh Dinh Province

C/1/9 CAV
A/C shot down, crashed and burned during an extraction of an Army Ranger team.

19 JUN 67

SP4 Ronald G. Trogdon [CE]
2 injured

Kontum Province

Medevac was supporting combat operations near Bong Son. As the A/C was about to land, it received intense AW fire, wounding the pilots and CE, who died from injuries sustained by the AW fire.

18 JUN 67

MAJ Dale D. Dwyer [P]
3 injured


11 GS
While at low level, A/C lost RPM and crashed into a wooded area.

12 JUN 67

SP5 Gary L. Taylor [CE]
SGT Kenneth C. Hurse [G]

Quang Tin Province

71 AHC
A/C was on a recon mission when it was hit in the cockpit by SA fire, damaging the flight controls and causing it to crash.

11 JUN 67

CW2 Dean E. Clinton [AC]
CW3 Thomas F. Riggs [CP]
SSG James R. Nelson [CE]
SSG Ralph E. Uhlmansiek [G]
CW3 Quentin R. Beecher [PP]

Binh Dinh Province

C/227 AVN
Departed LZ Uplift, Qui Nhon airfield on an operations mission. While en route, bad weather was encountered, and the pilot requested assistance in determining position. Efforts by Tuy Hoa and Qui Nhon airfields, and airborne SAR control acft failed to locate the A/C to guide it to the airfield. At 2057 hours, the pilot reported that he was out of fuel, and was willing to make a water landing. No wreckage found by search teams.

09 JUN 67

PFC Harold L. Gibson [OB]

Binh Dinh Province

A/1/9 CAV
A/C was hit by SA fire while on a recon mission fatally wounding the OB.

03 JUN 67

WO1 Allen T. Newman [P]
PFC Edmund G. Exum Jr [G]
LTC Joseph M. Kiernan Jr
LTC Rodney H. Smith
MAJ Millard L. Treadwell Jr
SGM Terry M. Rimes
3 injured

Bien Hoa Province

173 AHC
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
At low level, the A/C struck a wire and pitched up to a nose high attitude. The pilots could not control the A/C. The tail rotor and skids hit the ground. The A/C bounced back into the air and ignited. It came to rest on its top left side and burned.

28 MAY 67

SP4 Richard E. Veach [G]
4 injured


200 ASHC
A/C crashed and burned on take off due to a mechanical failure near Bear Cat.

27 MAY 67

WO1 Herbert A. Ripka [P]
1 other killed
5 injured


189 AHC
While flying low level over a bay, pilot diverted his attention to check a radio frequency change. A/C hit the water and caught on fire.

27 MAY 67

1LT Peter E. Day [P]
1 injured

Hau Nghia Province

116 AHC
A/C was hit by several rounds of SA fire damaging several components, including flight controls, engine and electrical system. A/C was able to continue flight but pilot was fatally wounded.

26 MAY 67

CPT Gene F. Matthews [AC]
CPT Norman R. Kidd Jr [CP]
SP5 George D. Bennett [CE]
SP4 Joseph D. LeGrand Jr [G]

Long An Province

D/3/5 CAV
At approx 2100 hours, a light fire team consisting of A/C #677 and #673 were called out by the 51st ARVN Ranger Bn, Ben Luc RVN, to investigate some suspected VC activity. The team arrived on the scene at approx 2130 hours. They began a visual recon of the area with the assistance of flares fired by the artillery. At 2230 hours the two A/C met in an apparent head-on collision. There was an explosion and both A/C fell to the ground in flames.

CPT Robert L. Mosher [AC]
WO1 Robert W. Cook [CP]
SP4 Melvin L. Martz [CE]
SP4 Rodger L. Fortune [G]
1LT Jack L. Dodson [PP]

D/3/5 CAV
See note above. CPT Kidd and 1LT Dodson were assigned to 191 AHC and were flying with unit for in-country training.

26 MAY 67

SP4 William L. Dornbergh Jr [CE]
PFC Charles D. Allen Jr
SP4 Domenico Cacciola
SP4 David R. Cushing
1LT Edward S. Fisher
SP4 Alan J. Ruddell
PFC Loren C. Surles

Binh Dinh Province

C/227 AHB
A/C skids caught on a cargo net during takeoff. A/C started to fall on right side and suddenly fell to the ground on the left side and rolled.

21 MAY 67

PFC Larry J. Liles [G]

Binh Duong Province

173 AHC
No details.

21 MAY 67

PFC Joel C. Fowler [MD]

Quang Ngai Province

498 MED
[Need Tail#]
A/C was shot down while attempting to rescue 8 soldiers surrounded by enemy forces.

21 MAY 67

PFC Michael P. Gallagher [G]


281 AHC
A/C was on a combat aviation rescue mission of a downed 281 AHC crew in the Ashau Valley. He was killed by SA fire while lowering a jungle penetrator to the downed crew.

21 MAY 67

CW3 Walter F. Wrobleski [P]
3 injured

Quang Nam Province

281 AHC
A/C was making a strafing run when it was hit by heavy caliber machine gun fire and the engine stopped. The A/C immediately received more fire, causing it to go out of control and crash, rolling down a ravine.

20 MAY 67

CPT Karl F. Erb [P]
1 other killed
4 injured


At 500', a loud bang and grinding noise was experienced. The A/C autorotated, hit a tree, flipped and landed upside down then submerged in a river. Visual contact with the ground was lost due to fog, haze and firefly lights.

19 MAY 67

WO1 Gediminas J. Eidukaitis [AC]
WO1 Michael A. Kight [CP]
CPL Raymond H. Tighe [CE]
SP4 Burton I. Sharp [G]

Ba Xugen Province

336 AHC
At about 1 mi distant from Soc Trang Airfield, A/C slid aft to maintain position on lead, hitting GOLD 3 (#66-01154) causing severe damage to both aircraft. A/C broke up in flight, with the main fuselage cabin impacting in 7-foot-deep water.

SP4 Charles W. Larman [G]

336 AHC
GOLD 3 was able to maintain a marginally controllable autorotation to ground impact after being struck by GOLD 2 (#64-13521). After GOLD 3 hit the ground, the gunner left the cabin and was struck and fatally injured by the M/R blade.

18 MAY 67

WO1 Albert C. Brose [P]
WO1 John J. Roberts [P]
SP5 Hugh L. Hurston [CE]
SGT Jearl E. Rimmer [G]
SP4 Mark Smith Jr

Binh Thuan Province

A/227 AHB
T/R failed on short final to POL in Phan Thiet after bringing fire base commanders back from task force meeting.

13 MAY 67

WO1 Terrance W. Nelson [AC]
3 crewmembers injured


155 AHC
The A/C lost power. After the autorotation, it crashed nose low and rolled over one time. An observer noted that the A/C had low rotor RPM on impact. Analysis revealed a short shaft failure which was not detected by the TI.

09 MAY 67

SP4 Raul Villa [CE]

Hau Nghia Province

116 AHC
A/C was hit while landing at a support base 20m N of Duc Hoa fatally wounding the CE.

08 MAY 67

SP4 Robert Ludecker [CE]
3 injured


11 AVN
A/C was on landing approach when RPM warning light came on. A/C descent continued and struck ground breaking off the T/B and left skid, rocked side-to-side and M/R blades struck the ground.

06 MAY 67

WO1 James A. Bullington [AC]
WO1 Timothy W. Kearney [CP]
SP4 Richard C. Gupton [G]
CE injured

Quang Ngai Province

119 AHC
Flying cover on LRRP support OP Omega W. of Dak To, took a hit in engine at 150'. A/C crashed and burned.

05 MAY 67

SP4 Frank C. Torres Jr [G]
3 injured

Binh Duong Province

11 AVN
On take-off, the pilot lost control of the A/C and crashed coming to rest inverted. A small fire was extinguished. Analysis of the yoke arm revealed a severance in the threaded area induced by a loss of torque on the bearing retaining nut.

03 MAY 67

SP4 Tommie R. Lunn [CE]

Tay Ninh Province

334 AHC
CE was killed by hostile ground fire.

02 MAY 67

1LT Russell L. Robbins [G]

Quang Ngai Province

71 AHC
Robbins was CO of the 94 Sig Det and was flying as a doorgunner on a 2nd PLT A/C on a mission south of Chu Lai. A low level engine failure resulted in a crash. He had either failed to buckle in or had unbuckled his seat belt and was thrown out of the A/C upon impact and died as he was struck by the rotor blade.

01 MAY 67

LTC Leyburn W. Brockwell Jr [P]
MAJ Charles C. Jones [P]
SP4 Pedro Ortiz [CE]
SSG Ewell E. Acord [G]

Bien Hoa Province

335 AHC
Mid-air collision while formation flying at approximately 1,500 feet in the vicinity 5 miles southeast of Bien Hoa.

WO1 John M. Andrews [P]
2LT John D. Legg [P]
PFC Lewis J. Fogler [CE]
SP4 Robert F. Quinn [G]

335 AHC
Mid-air collision while formation flying at approximately 1,500 feet in the vicinity 5 miles southeast of Bien Hoa.

23 APR 67

WO1 Edward W. Wells [P]
SP4 Michael D. Walker [G]
PFC Frederick C. Schmidt
1SG Raymond E. Benson
4 injured


129 AHC
A/C struck trees while lifting off from a confined area while on resupply run. The A/C crashed and burned.

22 APR 67

1LT Paul L. Stimpson [AC]
SP4 James R. Adams [G]
SP4 Timothy C. Patterson
PFC Kit Blackwelder
PFC Howard S. Dominiak
CPL Otto R. Ensslin
4 injured

Bien Hoa Province

118 AHC
Fuel starvation on admin 173rd lift. Crashed in a cemetary near Hwy 1 at Long Binh.

19 APR 67

WO1 Gary L. Wesselman [AC]
WO1 Larry R. Reeves [CP]
SP4 Joseph L. Colotti [C]

Vinh Long Province

175 AHC
A/C crashed as part of a flight of four returning to Vinh Long from Sa Dec in very thick clouds and fog. Impacted very near Vinh Long.

18 APR 67

CPT Patrick L. Haley [P]
MAJ Thomas D. Mendenhall [P]
SP4 Ronald D. Bruce [CE]
SP4 Vernice Hollingsworth [G]
1LT Robert J. Crabbe [OB]

Binh Dinh Province

A/1/9 CAV
A/C was shot down while making a rocket run on a VC position in the An Loa. The Huey crashed and burned.

17 APR 67

CPT Fitz-Randolph B. McBride [P]

Gia Dinh Province

A/C was providing close air support when it was hit by SA fire. A single round entered left side of cabin striking the pilot.

16 APR 67

WO1 James W. Godfrey [AC]
CPT William R. Hill [CP]
SP4 Johnny W. Smith [CE]
CPT Karl E. Shenep
CPT Vandiver L. Childs [OB] (USAF)

Quang Ngai Province

B/1/9 CAV
A/C shot down at Doi Ma Creek ~ Operation Enterprise.

16 APR 67

CPT Gordon O. Walsh [P]
SP5 David Helriegel [CE]
SP5 Walter A. Chatos Jr [G]
MSG John H. Butcher Jr [C]

Quang Tin Province

335 TC
A/C became uncontrollable, main rotor hit fuselage causing fire, crashed into China Sea.

10 JAN 67

SP4 Earl R. Grove [G]

Binh Dinh Province

C/1/9 CAV
A/C was on a test flight when it was struck by SA fire near LZ Two Bits and door gunner was fatally wounded.

08 APR 67

WO1 William S. Robertson III [P]
SP4 Leonard F. Jantzen [G]

Binh Long Province

While backing out of revetment pilot stuck tail stinger into ground and continued to pull pitch. A/C went over on back and crashed. (XT705860)

06 APR 67

WO1 James L. Darcy [P]
CPT Richard E. Newton [P]
SP4 Alger E. Durell Jr [G]
SP5 Richard M. Dykes
MSG Vincente Medina-Torres
SFC Henry E. Patenaude
SP5 Conrad E. Poole


128 AHC
The trunion bearing on the rotating part of the swash plate came out in flight causing loss of control to one main rotor blade. The A/C fell from cruise altitude.

02 APR 67

SP4 John R. Gregoire [G]


A/229 AHB
A/C had engine failure at low altitude while transporting troops and upon landing, he exited and assisted getting the pilots out, then ran toward the front up a hill and was struck by the M/R blade killing him instantly.

26 MAR 67

CPT Rance A. Kirby [P]
3 crewmembers injured


71 AHC
In flight, the crew heard a loud bang. After the autorotation, the A/C hit the ground sideways then rolled over to the right. The M/R blades struck a tree stump and broke up. Analysis revealed a failure of the main drive shaft.

26 MAR 67

COL Jack T. Dempsey [P]

Vinh Binh Province

Shot through the head while landing his UH-1D C&C to pick up downed flight crews from his battalion.

26 MAR 67

SP4 Gary L. Wilcox [G]


336 AHC
Struck by ground fire on a combat mission.

26 MAR 67

SP4 Michael P. Kelley [CE]

Hua Nghia Province

CE was shot and killed by machine gun fire while loading crew from downed Outlaw 17 (UH-1D #66-00880).

22 MAR 67

CPT George B. Rusnak [AC]
WO1 Richard Patterson [CP]
PFC Calvin D. Maberry [CE]
SGT Paul E. Ream [G]

Binh Dinh Province

B/1/9 CAV
A/C shot down, crashed and burned 15 km N of Bong Son.

21 MAR 67

CPT Robert N. Bradley [P]
SSG Tennis C. Ferrell [C]
2 injured

Long An Province

498 MED
A/C shot down and crashed during medevac mission.

20 MAR 67

WO1 Edward L. Bush [AC]
1LT Jack R. Lichte Jr [CP]
PFC Clifford R. Herrin [CE]
SP4 Ronald R. Fillmore [MD]


A/C apparently flew into a mountain during a night medevac mission.

19 MAR 67

WO1 James P. Barton [AC]
SP4 John N. Sheffield [CE]
SP4 Johnny L. Washburn [G]

Tay Ninh Province

68 AVN
A/C was in second 2-flights of 5 to LZ Gold and soon after landing, a command detonated 155mm arty round exploded, destroying the A/C.

16 MAR 67

SGT Keith D. Griffin [G]
CE injured

Pleiku Province

155 AHC
A/C was entering LZ when it caught fire and crashed into trees, coming down on its right side.

16 MAR 67

SP5 James G. Patterson [CE]

Pleiku Province

155 AHC
CE killed while supporting 4th Inf Div CA north of Duc Co.

12 MAR 67

1LT Ronald L. Johnston [P]
4 injured


174 AHC
A/C was on a CA mission in the Ninh Hoa area when it lost RPM on termination of a pinnacle approach. The pilot attempted to dive the A/C off the pad to regain the RPM, struck a tree, crashed and burned.

09 MAR 67

WO1 Harold K. Ketner Jr [P]
CPL Roosevelt Amison Jr [CE]
SP4 William G. Lacey [G]
SP4 McKinley Caughman Jr
SP4 Woodrow J. Mueller
1 injured

Gia Dinh Province

118 AHC
A/C took off, crashed into river and burned 100 meters south of helipad.

05 MAR 67

1LT Hampden C. Judson Jr [P]
WO1 Reginald G. Morse [P]
SP4 Kenneth W. Wells [CE]
SP4 Timothy J. Lynah [G]


129 AHC
A/C struck a power line during a night flight to Saigon and crashed inverted into the Saigon River.

28 FEB 67

WO1 Thomas J. Evans Jr [P]

Tay Ninh Province

Pilot hit in the head by small arms fire north of Tay Ninh and died in the hospital two days later.

22 FEB 67

SGT Salvador Zabala Jr [G]

Tuyen Duc Province

Engine failed while providing convoy cover. G was an HHD soldier, who volunteered to be a Doorgunner in the Av Det.

16 FEB 67

WO1 Ray E. Bradley [AC]
WO1 Michael S. Uhlig [CP]
SP4 Domingo Escalante Jr [CE]
G injured


334 AHC
A/C hit a power line while on a low level recon flight, then crashed and burned.

15 FEB 67

CPT Robert C. Stewart [P]

Chuong Thien Province

336 AHC
Flying lead into an LZ hit by 50 and 30 cal machine guns.

15 FEB 67

SGT Allen B. Chamberlain [CE]

Kontum Province

[Need Tail#]
A/C was on a CA mission during Operation Sam Houston near LZ 501N. During lift off after offloading troops, A/C was hit by SA fire and a round hit the pilot in the ankle causing him to lose control, rolled right and crashed. Xmsn came loose and landed on CE, trapping him underneath the burning A/C.

12 FEB 67

WO1 Rudolph F. Dungee [AC]
P injured

Binh Dinh Province

B/227 AHB
A/C was on resupply to troops in field. A/C tail rotor hit by .51 cal. and crashed.

07 FEB 67

SP4 Isaiah A. Dobbins [CE]
SP5 Willard A. Godfrey [G]
P & CP injured


162 AHC
A/C lost power and crashed into river during takeoff from a refueling pad while supporting a CA in the Nha Be area.

06 FEB 67

WO1 William J. Robbins [AC]
PFC Thomas M. Nowack [G]
P & CE injured
SGT Everett Armstrong
PFC Fred A. Johnson
PFC Chester P. Simpson
SP4 George J. Carrillo Jr
2 PAX injured

Binh Duong Province

71 AHC
The lower left longeron failed at the battery shelf, at approx station 243.8 while on short final. The tail section separated from the fuselage. The main fuselage continued on spinning and throwing men from the A/C. The M/R blade cut through the cockpit. The A/C struck the ground and rolled several times.

04 FEB 67

1LT Charles S. Hymers [P]

Vinh Binh Province

128 AHC
Flying lead out of Duc Hoa carrying 25 ARVN troops into horseshoe shaped bunker complex. Killed on liftoff from LZ.

03 FEB 67

LTC William R. Phillips [AC]
MAJ Paul R. Karas [CP]
CE & G injured

Hau Nghia Province

162 AHC
A/C was flying lead on a 10-ship ARVN CA south of Saigon. As troops were unloading at LZ, a massive explosion lifted the A/C about 10' and rolled it over on left side. AC was killed instantly and CP died during medevac transport.

02 FEB 67

CPT Joe R. Fulghum Jr [P]
1LT Alan H. Zimmerman [P]
PFC Philip H. Johnson [CE]
SP4 Thomas M. Martinez [MD]

Bien Hoa Province

A/C shot down on medevac mission.

28 JAN 67

1LT Terry L. Manz [AC]
WO1 Gerald A. Dorr [CP]
SP4 Michael E. Brady [CE]
PFC Paul B. Severloh [G]
2 PAX killed

Long Khanh Province

128 AHC
A/C hit by ARVN artillery near Xuan Loc causing main rotor to separate, crashed and exploded on impact.

24 JAN 67

CPT William E. Hingston Jr [P]
SP4 Robert H. Smith [CE]
PFC Jimmie A. Herrera [G]
1 injured

Binh Dinh Province

A/2/20 ARA
A/C was on a fire mission for an infantry unit north of LZ Hammond. A/C was orbiting on one side of a mountain ridge and the infantry was on the other side. A/C flew over a dip in the mountain ridge and into a canyon. A/C was in a right hand turn and the mountain ridge was on left side and at tree top level, when A/C crashed.

23 JAN 67

WO1 Julian A. Fincher Jr [P]
CPT Guinn J. Rogers [P]
CPL Peter Maciel Jr [CE]
SP4 Michael Vitacco [G]

Gia Dinh Province

120 AHC
A/C took an RPG while on a gun run in Rungsat special zone.

17 JAN 67

CPT Richard B. Brockman [P]
CPT Edgar J. Saffle Jr [P]
SP4 James A. Harden [CE]
SP4 Anthony P. Magistro [G]
SP4 Herbert H. Crowder
PFC Herschel L. Epps Jr
PFC Larry G. Gray
PFC Frank J. Krebs

Tay Ninh Province

118 AHC
The tail boom was chopped up by the M/R blades causing the A/C to crash and burn. Mast broken in two above damper splines.

14 JAN 67

WO1 Robert C. Ferris [P]
1LT Arthur R. Le Grow Jr [P]
SP4 Arthur D. Washington [CE]
PFC Joe H. Epps [G]


173 AHC
The 90 degree gear box and tail rotor blades separated from A/C while in formation flight at 2000'. A/C crashed and burned in small clearing in jungle.

07 JAN 67

1LT Edwin S. Brague Jr [P]

Quang Tin Province

129 AHC
Pilot was killed by a single shot that came through the side door and over the seat, hitting him in the head.

05 JAN 67

SGT William D. Boyd [G]
3 injured


114 AHC
A/C hovered into parking spot but space was inadequate, so A/C started to back out of the spot as another chopper overflew it. The downwash forced the T/R into the ground, lost control and the A/C crashed into a parked UH-1 (#65-09804).

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