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Vietnam Chinook CH-47 Vietnam Losses }-> 1966-1973







27 OCT 17

CW2 Jacob M. Sims [P]
6 injured


4/160 SOAR
[Need Tail#]
A/C crashed after hitting a tree after taking troops for a night raid to Kharwar District in Logar Province.

03 MAY 14

SGT Dwight W. Burn [FE]
3 injured

New Mexico

B/3-82 CAB
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed at approx 2015 hrs on Ft Bliss training area near Orogrande while conducting high altitude mountainous environment training (HAMET). A/C was in process of an NVG 2-wheel pinnacle landing at 6200' MSL when the aft M/R system contacted adjacent terrain, rolled several times and post-crash fire consumed A/C. Crew allowed A/C to drift forward of intended landing area to a location that did not allow necessary aft rotor clearance.

03 MAR 13

PFC David T. Proctor*


B/2/3 AVN
A/C was performing a sling load operation under NVGs when soldier from 2-7 INF was struck by an 800 lb barrier gate that was toppled by rotor wash at approx 0330 hrs. *Died 10 days later of injuries sustained.

06 AUG 11

CW4 David R. Carter [IP]
CW2 Bryan J. Nichols [PC]
SPC Alexander J. Bennett [FE]
SGT Patrick D. Hamburger [FE]
SPC Spencer C. Duncan [G]

PO1 Darrik C. Benson
CPO Brian R. Bill
PO1 Christopher G. Campbell
MA1 John Douangdara
WMD Bart
CPO John W. Faas
PO1 Kevin A. Houston
LCDR Jonas B. Kelsall
MCPO Louis J. Langlais
CPO Matthew D. Mason
CPO Stephen M. Mills
PO1 Jesse D. Pittman
SCPO Thomas A. Ratzlaff
CPO Robert J. Reeves
CPO Heath M. Robinson
PO2 Nicholas P. Spehar
PO1 Jon T. Tumilson
PO1 Aaron C. Vaughn
PO1 Jason R. Workman

PO1 Jared W. Day
CPO Nicholas H. Null
PO1 Michael J. Strange
SCPO Kraig M. Vickers

TSGT John W. Brown [PJ]
SSGT Andrew W. Harvell [CCT]
TSGT Daniel L. Zerbe [PJ]

7 ANA SF killed
1 AFG TERP killed


B/7-158 AVN (KS USAR)
B/2-135 GSAB (CO & NE ARNG)
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed at approx 0300 hours at Tangi Joi Zareen, in the district of Sayd Abad in Wardak Province after a hit in the aft rotor blade which resulted in a severe mechanical and dynamic imbalance resulting in loss of control. A/C was on an IRF mission to assist members of the 75th Rangers engaged in a fierce firefight.

NOTE: CW2 Nichols, SPC Bennett and SPC Duncan were from B/7-158 AVN (KS USAR). CW4 Carter was from CO ARNG and SGT Hamburger from NE ARNG.

12 OCT 10

1 AFG TERP killed
3 NRCM injured
2 PAX injured


B/2-3 GSAB
A/C received an RPG and SA fire shortly after landing at a military outpost (Ghakhi Pass) in Kunar province.

26 OCT 09

CW4 Michael P. Montgomery [IP]
CW3 Niall D. Lyons [P]
SGT Nickolas A. Mueller [CE]
SGT Josue E. Hernandez Chavez [CE]
SSG Shawn H. McNabb [MD]
SSG Keith R. Bishop
SFC David E. Metzger

SA Chad L. Michael
SA Forrest N. Leamon
SA Michael E. Weston


3/160 SOAR
A/C crashed at approx 0330 hrs near Darreh-ye Bum in Qadis district after departing a successful operation (Operation Lexington) to disrupt arms smuggling and drug trafficking against anti-Afghan forces.
No Further Details.

17 JAN 09

SPC Ezra Dawson
6 injured


(B/7-101 AVN) DET to 7-17 CAV
A/C made a hard landing in Kunar Province after being hit by small arms fire and an RPG. A/C was struck in the left main fuel tank by an RPG causing left side to become engulfed in flames and #1 engine failed due to fuel starvation. Upon landing, A/C rolled onto its right side and was destroyed in post crash fire.

18 SEP 08

CW2 Brady J. Rudolf [PC]
1LT Robert Vallejo II [CP]
SGT Daniel M. Eshbaugh [FE]
SGT Anthony L. Mason [FE]
CPL Michael E. Thompson [G]
CW2 Corry A. Edwards
1SG Julio C. Ordonez


B/2-149 GSAB (TX & OK ARNG)
A/C was Chalk #3 when it crashed about 62 miles W of Basra near Talil AB at approx 0001 hours during a 4-ship flight from Kuwait to LSA Anaconda at Balad AB. A/C entered a descending left turn at about 600' AGL and 100 KIAS, made a slight right turn and 30 deg pitch-down angle, fired its flares, pitched up then hit the ground and exploded.

05 MAY 08

SPC Joseph M. Cerfus


Soldier killed during sling-load training at the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Center, as part of Maple Guardian Exercise.

14 AUG 07

CW2 Jackie L. McFarlane Jr [MP]
CW2 Christopher C. Johnson [CP]
SSG Sean P. Fisher [FE]
SPC Steven R. Jewell [CE]
SSG Stanley B. Reynolds [C]


B/1-52 AVN
A/C went down near the Al Taqaddum air base in Iraq's Anbar province while conducting a routine post-maintenance check flight. A/C was on downwind approach at approx 2,275' AGL and 100 KIAS when it experienced a material failure causing M/R blades to strike the fuselage in flight.

30 MAY 07

CW3 Christopher M. Allgaier [P]
CW2 Joshua R. Rodgers [P]
SSG Charlie L. Bagwell [FE]
SGT Brandon E. Hadaway [CE]
SGT Jesse A. Blamires [G]
MCPL Darrell J. Priede (CF)
CPL Mike Gilyeat (RMP)


B/3-82 CAB
A/C crashed in the Kajaki region of southern Helmand province after unloading troops on an assault mission after being struck by a MANPAD. On egress of TF Fury insertion of Lift 1, Flipper 75 was engaged and struck with a Missile at 41SPR919727 shortly after crossing over the Helmand River. Suspected POO site is 41SPR9280171833. A/C was traveling at approx 70-80 KIAS, 200-250' AGL on an easterly heading when it was hit from the rear. The missile struck the aircraft in the left engine. The impact of the missile projected the aft end of the aircraft up as it burst into flames followed immediately by a nose dive into the crash site with no survivors. A/C was Lift 1, Serial 1, Chalk 2, but due a delay on HLZ to offload a gator, Flipper 75 along with Chalk 3 took off significantly after Chalk 1 and in effect became a second serial on the same route.

18 FEB 07

CW3 John A. Quinlan [PC]
CW3 Hershel D. McCants Jr [CP]
SPC Brandon D. Gordon [C]
SPC Travis Vaughn [C]
SGT Adam A. Wilkinson [C]
PFC Ryan C. Garbs
PFC Kristofer D. Thomas
TSGT Scott Duffman (USAF)
14 injured


2/160 SOAR
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was Chalk 3 in flight of three conducting a night troop movement when #2 engine failure occurred at about 300' AGL. Crew slowed A/C in attempt to achieve single-engine airspeed, however rotor RPM dropped and A/C fell almost vertically to the ground in the Shahjoi district of Zabul province, about 50 yards from the main highway between Kabul and Kandahar.

01 JUN 06

CW4 Michael L. Wright [P]
SGT Christopher M. Erberich [FE]
SGT Rhonald E. Meeks [FE]
SGT Michael D. Hall [C]
P injured


3/160 SOAR
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was flying from Ft Rucker to Hunter AAF when it struck one of two 1,000' television station towers (WFXL) and its 1-inch support cables at 140 KIAS near Doerun in rural Colquitt County and crashed.

05 MAY 06

CW3 Eric W. Totten [P]
CW2 Christopher B. Donaldson [P]
SSG Christopher T. Howick [FE]
SGT Jeffery S. Wiekamp [FE]
SGT Bryan A. Brewster [FE]
SGT John C. Griffith
LTC Joseph J. Fenty
SPC Justin L. O'Donohoe
PFC Brian M. Moquin Jr
SPC David Timmons Jr


B/3-10 AVN
A/C was conducting operations on a mountaintop LZ, in support of Operation Mountain Lion near Asadabad in Kunar province, when the rear M/R blades made contact with a tree, totally collapsing the rear rotor system 5 seconds after contact, causing the A/C to crash on a nearby cliff and catch fire.

25 SEP 05

CW3 John M. Flynn [PC]
WO1 Adrian B. Stump [CP]
SGT Tane T. Baum [FE]
SGT Kenneth G. Ross [C]
SGT Patrick D. Stewart [C]


A/C was shot down by an RPG in the Deh Chopan district in southern Zabul province, while returning from a troop insertion. Crew consisted of NV and OR ARNG. Crashed 13KM North of FB Lane 42S TB 8562 0349. The A/C was the lead aircraft in a flight of 7 conducting insertion of CJSOTF forces for OP Hazarbuz.

28 JUN 05

CW3 Corey J. Goodnature [PC]
CW4 Chris J. Scherkenbach [P]
MSG James W. Ponder III [FE]
SGT Kip A. Jacoby [FE]
SSG Michael L. Russell [C]
SFC Marcus V. Muralles [MO]
MAJ Stephen C. Reich [AMC]
SSG Shamus O. Goare

CPO Daniel R. Healy
PO2 Eric S. Patton
PO2 James E. Suh

CPO Jacques J. Fontan
LCDR Erik S. Kristensen
PO1 Jeffrey A. Lucas
LT Michael M. McGreevey Jr
PO1 Jeffrey S. Taylor


B/3-160 SOAR
A/C crashed W of Asadabad in Kunar province after being hit by an RPG, while flying into eastern Afghanistan to rescue a SEAL team surrounded by 25-50 Taliban.

06 APR 05

CW2 David Ayala [P]
CW2 Clint J. Prather [P]
SSG Charles R. Sanders Jr [FE]
SPC Michael K. Spivey [CE]
PFC Pendleton L. Sykes II [C]
SGM Barbaralien Banks
CPT David S. Connolly
SPC Daniel J. Freeman
MSG Edwin A. Matoscolon
MAJ Edward J. Murphy
SPC Chrystal G. Stout
SPC Sascha Struble
SGT Stephen C. High
SSG Romanes L. Woodard
SGT James S. Lee (USMC)
CIV S. Jason Lucio
CIV Lance B. Taylor
CIV Ronald Wade


F/5/159 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed near Khudaidad village in Ghazni province, 80 miles SW of Kabul during a heavy dust storm. The A/C was one of two making the flight from Kandahar to Bagram Airfield as part of a supply and transport mission. The severe dust storm contained winds of more than 45 knots that caused the pilots to lose outside visibility. The pilots were transitioning to instrument flight procedures when they became spatially disoriented and over-controlled the aircraft.

02 NOV 03

1LT Brian D. Slavenas [P]
CW4 Bruce A. Smith [P]
SGT Paul F. Fisher* [FE]
SSG Daniel A. Bader
SGT Ernest G. Bucklew
SGT Steven D. Conover
PFC Anthony D. D'Agostino
SPC Darius T. Jennings
PFC Karina S. Lau
SGT Keelan L. Moss
SPC Brian H. Penisten
SGT Ross A. Pennanen
SGT Joel Perez
SPC Frances M. Vega
SSG Paul A. Velazquez
SSG Joe N. Wilson
25 injured


1/F/106 AVN (IA ARNG)
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C shot down by missile near the farming community of Ameriya, S of Fallujah.

*Sgt. Fisher died a few days later of injuries sustained in crash.

04 MAR 02

SGT Philip J. Svitak [CE]
SPC Marc A. Anderson*
PFC Matthew A. Commons*
SGT Bradley S. Crose*

TSGT John A. Chapman*
SRA Jason D. Cunningham*


2/160 SOAR
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was shot down by small arms fire and RPG while attempting a troop insertion on a mountain top outside Gardez.

*Anderson, Commons, Crose, Chapman and Cunningham died during a nine-hour firefight trying to rescue Navy Seal PO1 Neil C. Roberts.

21 FEB 02

CPT Bartt D. Owens [P]
CW2 Jody L. Egnor [AC]
SSG James P. Dorrity [FE]
SGT Jeremy D. Foshee [CE]
SPC Thomas F. Allison
MAJ Curtis D. Feistner
SSG Kerry W. Frith
SSG Bruce A. Rushforth Jr

MSGT William L. McDonald II
SSG Juan M. Ridout


2/160 SOAR
C/S: WILD 42
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C made an "abrupt evasive maneuver" to avoid crashing into the lead A/C, lost control, and plunged nose down into the water at 180 mph, exploding on impact 150 mi NE of Zamboanga.

07 MAR 96

CW5 Walter M. Fox [IP]
CW3 Pierre R. Desroches [CP]
CW2 William R. Monty Jr [PP]
SSG Tracy A. Tidwell [FE]
SSG Bradley C. Beem [CE]


160 SOAR
News Article WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C banked wildly then plunged out of control 3,400' into a wheat field near Olmstead during a routine training flight from Ft Campbell at 2300 (EST). Likely caused by a loss of electrical power due to the presence of water in the A/C's primary power distribution panels.

24 APR 95

CW2 Peter A. Davis [MP]
1LT Jennifer L. Varney [P]
SGT Michael Z. Gallant [FE]
SPC Paul C. Sebaugh [CE]
PFC Jennifer A.K. Harris [CE]


B/2/158 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was performing a routine maintenance test flight after Phase 2 at 1100' AGL and 140 KIAS when one of the aft rotor blades contacted the upper cabin area causing it to breakup and crash at approx 1115 hrs just S of Florence. Crash was caused by the failure of a drive arm assembly bolt due to a steel bushing not being installed.

23 SEP 94

DAC John C. King [FE]
P, CP, FE & CIV injured


A/6/158 (USAR)
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was performing firefighting activities on the Payette National Forest near McCall. At 1745 hrs the A/C arrived at the Davis Ranch helispot, crew sat the external bucket on the ground and moved the A/C to the right to land. After touching down but still "light" on the wheels, the tail rose slightly in the air with front gear still on ground. Immediately following, the tail rapidly went over the top of the A/C, came to rest inverted, laying on the top right side. Crew was attempting to land on an 11 degree upslope along a ridge line causing the A/C to slide down slope and forward M/R blades struck the ground and a blade impacted the left side of fuselage fatally injuring the FE.

31 JUL 94

CW2 David R. Glandon [PC]
CW2 Kenney E. Jones [P]
SSG Bruce E. Nanninga [FE]
SSG George Lopez III [CE]


C/2-158 AVN (KS USAR)
News Article WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed after flying into power lines over the Osage River on a routine training mission flight from Jefferson City to Cape Girardeau after deviating from their planned flight route. The crash occurred about 1030 hours near Wardsville, 12 miles S of Jefferson City.

01 MAR 91

CW3 Robert Hughes [P]
MAJ Marie T. Rossi-Cayton [P]
SSG Mike A. Garrett [FE]
SPC William C. Brace [CE]
1 injured

Saudi Arabia

B/159 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was conducting a mission in support of Operation Desert Storm and while flying at 250 ft AGL and 120 KIAS, unaided at night, it struck an unlit microwave tower, crashed, and was totally destroyed by fire. The weather was CAVU/clear and 100% moon illumination.

24 JUL 90

CW4 Dale W. Tate* [IP]
SSG Veltry H. Johnson III [FI]
SP4 Lee Jordan [CE]
3 injured


B/7/101 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
During an NVG approach near the NW corner of the Golden Eagle LZ with a slingload at 2230 hours, the pilot heard a loud noise. A/C pitched nose down and the IP took the controls, jettisoned the load as the A/C impacted the ground and came to rest inverted. SSG Johnson was assigned to A/7/101 and was helping Charlie Co get their currency check ride.
* P died July 28 of head injuries sustained in crash.

08 DEC 88

CW3 Randal B. Potter [P]
1LT Alan C. Urban [P]
SSG John P. McConnell [FE]
PFC Jimmie D. Bendon [C]
PFC Douglas J. Kropp [C]


A/2/159 AVN
News Article
A/C was in cruise flight on the second leg of a service mission, whe the A/C was reported by witnesses to have been on fire in the area of the aft pylon. The fire was initially seen in the area of the left side of the aft pylon and spread rapidly engulfing the entire pylon. A/C was observed to roll left, then right, followed by a tucking of the nose with a roll to the left just prior to impact approx 3 mi from the port of La Cieba. A/C came to rest on a 21 deg down-slope, oriented in a direction opposite direction of fight. The #1 Input Pinion Gear to the Combining xsmn failed, which resulted in hot lubrication oil leaking and igniting. The fire burned through the flight controls on the left side of the xsmn as it spread to the Aft Pylon.

25 FEB 88

CW4 Ronald W. Bender [AC]
CW4 Scott J. Temple [CP]
SSG Raymond T. Hill [FE]
1LT Lynn Dial
1LT Christopher D. Kurkowski
1LT Wayne M. Locklin Jr
CPT Michael J. Monahan
1LT Charles P. Moses
1LT Donald G. O'Quinn
SFC Kenneth R. Simpson
8 injured


A/2-158 AVN
News Article WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was enroute from Ft Hood to Ft Sill, at approx 1510 hours while in cruise flight at approx 2000' MSL and at 120 KIAS, a pop was heard, followed by the sound of a loud explosion. The drive train from the #2 engine failed. As a result, the engine over-sped, causing the #2 engine power turbine wheel to exceed the centrifugal rotation limitations, causing the power turbine blades to enter the fuselage and an in-flight fire began. The cabin area filled with dense black smoke that traveled forward and entered the cockpit. The cause of the drive train failure could not be determined. As smoke filled the cabin and entered the cockpit, an emergency descent was initiated. A/C touched down in a landing attitude at approx 130+ knots, and was totally destroyed by impact forces and in-flight/post crash fire.

15 MAY 87

SSG Robert M. Mills [TI]
3 injured


179 AVN
News Article
A/C was flying from Ft Carson to Ft Rucker at about 500' AGL when #2 generator light came on, followed by small explosion and fire from #2 engine area. During emergency landing, tech inspector jumped out of the A/C from approx 400'. A/C landed near Monticello, remaining crew exited and aircraft was consumed by fire.

09 APR 86

CW4 Jerry G. Akers [P]
CW4 Charles P. Falk Jr [P]
SSG Siebert Everetts [FE]
SGT Alphonso C. Ferguson [CE]
SPC Christopher J. Carey [C]
PFC Matthew J. Barker


132 ASHC
While in low altitude cruise flight, during an NVG training mission, A/C and an AH-1S Cobra, flying in opposite directions, collided. The M/R blades struck the forward cabin area and M/R system of the AH-1, which caused the in-flight breakup of both aircraft.

10 JUL 83

CW3 Thomas B. Crossan III [PI]
CW4 Larry K. Jones [PC]
SSG Mark J. Reilly [FE]
SSG Luis A. Velez Sanchez [CE]
SGT Mark D. Cornwell
CW2 James N. Jansen


160 SOAR
News Article
Two aircraft were on a night training flight over water, trail acft climbed from formation to gain altitude for orientation purposes. Lead acft remained at 75' above water at 100 KIAS. As trail acft was trying to rejoin lead, crew saw what they thought was a fog bank which turned out to be an island. A/C burst into flames as it slammed into a steep, wooded South Fox Island hillside, at a speed of about 115 mph. The flight was north of their intended course.

20 MAR 83

CW4 Ralph L. Thompson [IP]
CW2 Donald R. Alvey [CP]
SGT Claude J. Dunn [FE]
PFC Gregory D. Eichner [CE]
SP4 Jerry L. Wilder


A/159 AVN
News Article
Crew was conducting over water slingload training operations when a bolt and bushing gave way in the fwd rotor xmsn. A/C nosed up and began a gradual roll to the left. Slingload was released and the A/C continued a descending left roll, impacting the water nearly inverted and in a nose-low attitude approx 23 mi E of Cape Henry.

11 SEP 82

CW4 Leon E. Shoenborn [PC]
CW3 Douglas J. Eschler [CP]
SSG Alvin G. Edwards [FE]
SGT Joseph Cruz [CE]
PFC Robert J. Stewart [C]
MAJ Lee DeVault
PVT Bruce W. Scott (AFN-TV)
AMN Michael A. Sutton (USAF)
38 parachutists killed


295 ASC
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C crashed during 375th Anniversary of Mannheim with 46 parachute participants. Cause was due to oil jets in the forward xsmn becoming clogged, causing a pinion gear assembly to fail.

14 MAY 81

1 killed
1 injured



271 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was ferrying slingloads of rock, gravel, sand and other construction material to an LZ on top of a mountain. After releasing the load and at a hover approx 20' AGL, A/C rotor RPM increased and initiated more thrust to control RPM and begin a takeoff. Engine overspeed corrective actions took place and stabilized the A/C at a hover. Engine No 2 torque went low and No 1 could not maintain rotor RPM and A/C began to settle. Crew initiated a left pedal turn toward clear area as RPM continued to decay, aft gear was down when rotor unloaded and RPM accelerated causing A/C to become airborne and nose pitched down, chin bubble hit the ground and soldier on ground was hit by M/R blade. Cause of crash was improper installation of engine trim switch on No 1 engine. Approx 52 mi S of Seoul.

17 JUL 80

CW2 Bobby M. Crumley [CP]
3 injured


A/159 AVN (TF 160)
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was conducting long range (internal tank) training and was enroute to Michael AAF at Dugway Proving Ground. While crossing the San Bernardino Mts., A/C struck some trees during the attempted pull-out, and crashed with the cockpit separating from the fuselage. Fuselage continued to roll down a steep embankment, throwing its two remaining occupants, before exploding in a ball of fire at the end of its roll. Crashed due to being overloaded on hot day.
Note: First 160 SOAR fatality.

25 FEB 80

CW3 Randall G. Davis [MP]
CW3 Gary L. McKelvy [P]
SGT Rick A. Barrett [FE]
SP4 Malcolm R. Webb [CE]
SP4 Sean W. Dorsey [AO]


180 ASHC
News Article
A/C was on a MTF for installation of the #1 engine. At approx. 500', while conducting the TEAC, the combining xmsn phasing mechanism decoupled, resulting in rotor system meshing. The forward and aft transmissions, and rotor systems separated in flight and crashed at approx 1630 hours into a pine forest and was totally destroyed.

20 AUG 79

CPT Samuel S. Newby [P]
CPT Dennis M. Primm [P]
SGT James L. Kern Jr [CE]
FE injured


News Article WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was taking off from a tactical field site during Brave Shield 20 on a support mission at approx 0515 hrs near Yakima. About 20 seconds later A/C crashed on a hillside 737' from and 90' higher than the point of departure. A/C hit the hillside in a slight nose-low attitude while in a very shallow left turn. Cause was crew losing ground reference due to a shallow layer of fog.

15 JUL 77

SSG Carl P. Redd [FE]
CE injured


295 AVN
WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C was being run-up on a 7-day maintenance run at Finthen AAF when a loud popping/cracking noise was heard. Aft pylon separated from A/C and the aft rotor blades severed the fuselage.

14 JUL 77

CW2 Joseph A. Miles [P]
SGT Ronald E. Wells [CE]
SP5 Robert C. Haynes [CE]
P injured/captured


213 AVN
News Article
Shot down by North Korean ground fire after it tried to take off after mistaking the first ground fire for engine trouble and putting down to check it out. A/C accidentally crossed DMZ.

02 MAR 77

CWO Guy E. Laughlin Jr [P]
CPT Edward A. Dostal [CP]
SP6 Granville W. Morgan [FE]
SP5 James W. Smith [CE]


213 AVN
News Article
A/C from Camp Humphreys crashed and burned about 20 miles SE of Pyongtaek after hitting a high voltage cable in fog. A/C was flying from Camp Humphreys to Camp Ames with two other helicopters when dense fog and rain prevented them from landing at Ames. Crash occurred at approx 0730 hours while returning to Humphreys.

22 MAR 72

SP5 David N. Maxwell [FE]
SP4 Jay D. Dehart [CE]
CPT James S. Ayton
SP4 Richard A. Pappas
SFC Charles G. Pomeroy
DAC Virgil S. Winchester
2 injured



271 AVN (ASH)
News Article
A/C crashed on a routine flight near Waegwan about 1 mi S of Camp Carroll. A/C unit was based in Pyongtaek.

18 AUG 71

CPT James W. Hensley [P]
CW3 James H. Perry [P]
SP5 Lawrence J. Angelini [FE]
SP4 Dennis A. Ferraro [CE]

2-4 INF PAX:
PFC Vernon L. Ailstock Jr
PFC Michael L. Annis
SP4 Fernando Apodaca
SGT Terry E. Bowerman
PFC Samuel M. Cherry
PFC Mark P. Connors
PFC Raymond H. Cork
SGT Harold D. Dillaman Jr
PFC David P. Dunks
1LT John E. Echterling Jr
PFC John P. Egeland
PFC Charles E. Fife
PFC Raymond T. Gadbois
SGT George J. Gongaware
PFC Roger M. Hartman
PFC Paul E. Hickson
PFC Lawrence H. Karaschin
PFC Arthur R. Kearney
PFC Eric L. Landry
PFC Edward A. Monnin Jr
PFC Eddie W. Nichols
PFC David A. Person
PFC Ronald R. Pestka
1LT Henry L. Pittard Jr
SGT Christopher W. Pyzik
SP5 Russell L. Schober
PFC Ronald F. Scholl
SSG Paten L. Smith
PFC David W. Stover
PFC Noel Velez
PFC Jeffrey M. Vickerman
PFC Clarence C. West
PFC Richard Willis


WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site. WARNING: Clicking icon will display graphic image of crash site.
A/C exploded and broke in two parts while on training flight from Regensburg to Grafenwoehr and crashed near Pegnitz at 0945 hrs. Fatigue failure of the rotor blade led to its failure and structural failure of the A/C. PAX's were members of HHC 2-4 INF.

19 FEB 71

CPT Robert W. Taylor [P]
2LT Robert M. Eagleton [P]
SP6 Edward L. Aaron [FE]
SP4 Matthew J Nonnemacher


News Article
A/C crashed 7 miles NNE of the runway on an ADF procedure turn at night while attempting to land at the Dolan Barracks airfield.

15 APR 69

CW2 Christopher B. Chrobak [IP]
CWO Owens [IP]
CPT Bud Adams
SP5 Norman K. Weaver


News Article
A/C was on take-off when, at about 200' AGL, the aft blades went to full pitch which caused the aft pylon to climb, flipping the A/C over to an inverted position on Ft Rucker.

18 JUL 68

CW2 Dwight E. Collins [P]



[Need A/C Unit]
No Details.

05 JUL 68

CW3 Merlin E. Watts [IP]
CW2 Terry G. Kilpatrick
CW2 Michael L. Thompson
SSG Ramon O. Moreno


[Need A/C Unit]
News Article
A/C crashed and burned approx 10 miles E of Ozark shortly after taking off from Goldberg Stage Field during Chinook transition course.

19 MAR 65

DAC Richard A. Daniels [P]
LT Bud Hill [CP]
SP5 Ralph Pigg [CE]
LT John W. Shaw (CAF)


News Article
A/C aft yellow blade failed in the blade spar transition area near Hartford.

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